1 x Control Panel
1 x Wireless infrared detector (PIR)
1 x Wireless door magnet detector
1 x Internal Siren (110 – 120 db)
2 x Remote Control key-fobs
1 x 12v dc power supply
1 x Instruction manual

PIR uses 1 x PP3 battery (approx 3 months normal use)
Door Contact uses 1 x A23 battery (approx 3 months normal use)
Remote key-fobs use 1 x A23 battery in each (approx 12 months normal use)

Wireless system 433mHz, the sensors are paired with the control panel. Additional sensors can be added at any time up to a maximum of 99.

When the control panel is connected to the home telephone landline and an alarm condition is detected it can dial out to your preset mobile or landline telephone numbers (up to 6, in succession) and alert to possible intruders. Please note that a failing battery in a PIR or door contact will also create an alarm situation so regular battery checking is essential. The sensors have LED lights fitted to warn of low battery.