Add your own Alert message by inserting the SD card with your own MP3 recording

The following is the manufacturers information

1. Support MP3 audio files play.
2. Maximum audio output can reach 10W.
3. 5 trigger ports can be set arbitrarily in different triggering ways.
4. High or low triggering way is optional (please tell us if you want to 5.adjust the hardware circuit).
6. Built in SPI Flash memory.
7. Built in micro SD card, can insert micro SD card.
8. Can play the voice files of SD card.
9. Can replace voice files.
10. Transfer voice files to Flash memory via micro SD card (insert SD card, it will play SD card, or it will play flash memory).
11. Micro SD card supports FAT and FAT32 file system.
12. Voltage range: DC 12V.
13. Alarm loudness: ≤115db

This is our smallest 10W horn speaker, which has micro SD card slot. Speech content can be replaced by yourself or we customize for you.

Once connected to the power supplies, it can work, even play all inner voice round. Many triggering play modes can be extended.

Can be used for voice alarm, voice broadcast, truck siren etc.

Alarm system

Bionic system

Public voice broadcast

Voice prompt and etc.

1. Micro SD card slot: Insert micro SD card, available to offline update voice to SPI-FLASH. After power connection it will play SD card if this card is in it, or it will play SPI-flash without micro SD card

2. TG,TG1~TG4: External trigger port. Any trigger port can be set for high or low level trigger by contacting with our company. Triggering mode can be configured through config file for many functions including the pulse or level, the broken or unbroken, loop playback with power on, the previous one or the next one, random, stop and so on.  (From BUSY to GND, TG trigger port in the middle corresponds to the audio of 2~5 port ; TG is corresponding to the first voice. The factory default has 1~4 IO ports for the pulse with interruption, and the fifth IO port is a function of stopping.)

3.Status indicator: often bright when playing voice, shining when copying voice, light out when voice is stopped.